Selection Guide

When you choose your components from DMS Stairs you can be guaranteed that you've chosen quality handcrafted products made to the highest standards. Using components personally selected by DMS and manufactured to our specifications.

As you will see from our range, your design will be unique to your desires.

Please use this guide to assist you in choosing your timber, steel, marine balustrading, handrail profiles, posts and feature components.

Timber Caps & Posts


The string is routed out to hold the treads and risers so you can't see the line of the treads and risers from the side.

The string is cut out in the shape of the treads and riser. (Decorative timber pieces can be added to stringer).

Timber: Square, Federation & Classic

TB1    TB2    TB3    TB4    TB5

Flat Baluster with B6 (Tulip) & B7 (Spade)

Wrought Iron

Square Bars
W1     W2     W3     W4     W5     W6

Round Bars
W8     W9     W10

Extensive range of Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel and Marine Wire available upon request.


At DMS Stairs we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology. The development of our Secure-Rail design (H1 Handrail), unique to DMS Stairs, provides extremely safe and sturdy construction - unmatched in the industry.


There are riser boards between each tread, this is normally used if the stair is going to be closed underneath.

There is a gap between each tread allowing you to see through to underneath.

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