Why Us?

Welcome to our World of Staircases

From simple to complex, from modern to traditional - DMS Stairs can do it all!

Our comprehensive range of top quality staircases are specifically tailored to your home or office and produced to the highest quality standards. A package difficult to match!

Reasons to choose DMS Stairs...

1. Solid Timber

Only selected, quality solid timber is used throughout the construction.

2. Custom Designed & Crafted

Each staircase is uniquely designed and hand crafted to match your specific requirements.

3. Over 25 Years in Staircases

We apply our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to each project we do. The results speak for themselves.

4. Architects & Interior Designers

We work closely with your advisers so that you get the best result.

5. In House Designers

Our specialist design masters at DMS Stairs will design and create an elegant and aesthetically superior staircase for you.

6. Broad Range of Materials

We specialise in Australian and other exotic trmbers. We also produce staircases that incorporate Glass, Wrought lron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and other materials so that you get the perfect result.

7. Unique Construction

Our unique balustrade fixing technique ensures sturdy, safe and secure construction.

8. On-Time Delivery

Our On-Time guarantee will ensure that your building or renovation project proceeds on schedule.

To arrange a free quotation for your staircase, please call us on   (03) 9796 5727